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Boo to a Goose

26 August, 2014


Boo to a Goose is one of those classic repetitive, rhyming books for toddlers and preschoolers. I used to read this daily when I worked in childcare, and the kids loved it. The illustrations are collage style, making them seem to jump out of the page. I am a big Mem Fox fan (although less so some of her more recent work) and this book is no exception.

“I’d dance with a pig in a shiny green wig, but I wouldn’t say boo to a goose.”

Baby Boomsticks

19 August, 2014


Margaret Wild is a much loved Australian children’s author. She is lovely too, as I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her, some years ago. In this book, she teams up with illustrator David Legge (author and illustrator of Bamboozled) to create this lovely tale that really deserves to be turned into a movie.

Mr and Mrs Boomsticks have a tiny baby. Except the baby doesn’t stay tiny. They feed him with spoons and then a shovel because he eats so much. He sleeps in a cradle, and a bed and eventually a hay stack. None of the other parents will let their children play with Baby Boomsticks, but he fills his parents hearts with joy.

Eventually the town turns around and learns to love Baby Boomsticks, but you’ll have to read the story to find out how.

Games we Love – Rummy-O

16 August, 2014

I’m hoping to start a new series of posts (so the blog isn’t entirely about children’s picture books, sorry) about games we love (and those we don’t). I am hoping to post regularly but, to be honest, the series will over time as we sort through our far-too-extensive collection of board games and decide which ones to keep and which to pass on.

The first one on our “keepers” list is Rummy-O. It also goes by the name Rummikub, but the gameplay is the same. Or so we think because somehow our box didn’t come with rules.

Rummy-O was a wedding present (thanks Brian and Linda Curran) and we’ve enjoyed playing it over the last twelve and a half years. It’s a strategy game with tiles but there’s a fair amount of chance. As you can tell from the title, it’s similar to the card game Rummy, where you make sets of the same number or runs of cards (or in the case of Rummy-O, tiles) of the same colour.

It’s quick to learn the basics of how to play but takes a bit of problem solving and strategy to play well.

It takes 20-30 mins to play depending on how long you like to agonise over every turn. It’s for 2-4 players although we only have two tile racks left so for us it’s only a two player game now.


For the record, those are my (Liz’s) tiles in the foreground and, yes, I won.

Bamboozled by David Legge

12 August, 2014

My discovery of this book is an interesting one. Way back into last CENTURY I was studying Early Childhood Education and was on practical experience at a local child care centre. At that child care centre happened to be two boys who were brothers, and whose father was David. David happened to mention that he’d written a book… So I tracked it down.

The text of this book is not what makes it clever. It’s the illustrations (David Legge did those too). The story is of a girl who goes to visit her grandfather’s house and notices something is wrong, but can’t place her finger on it. Each illustration contains dozens of things that are “wrong” – a pet tiger in a high chair, mown grass as “carpet” in a sitting room, light bulbs planted in the garden… And yet none of these things is what is wrong.

Eventually, the girl works out that… No, I won’t spoil it for you.

A great book for reading together with 1-5 children. I have used it in a classroom situation but it’s tricker because you REALLY need to see the pictures.


There’s A House Inside My Mummy

5 August, 2014

This rhyming book has had many readings in our family and became the way we told our children, each time, that we were having another baby. We think it’s a great little book for toddlers about Mum being pregnant. A great book by Giles Andrea.

Where Is The Green Sheep?

29 July, 2014

Yet another book where we loved out first copy to death and, as you can see from the picture, I think we may need a third. Simple storyline, charming pictures, a winner for the toddler age group.


Project 333

22 July, 2014

Decluttering is not an uncommon theme for blog and forum posts I’ve made over the years, however my recent reading has taken me down the path of minimalism.  Enter Project 333.  The idea of Project 333 is that you wear only 33 items of clothing for three months at a time.  It doesn’t include underwear, pyjamas, gym gear (that you only wear for exercise), or even a hang-around-the-house outfit.  It also doesn’t include special items of jewelery you always wear, such as your wedding ring. It does include shoes, all items of clothing, jackets, accessories and jewelery.

So, I sat down to write my list of clothing items for the project.  Except that I can’t get it up to 33.  I’m glad it doesn’t include exercise gear (or else I’d be in trouble) but I just can’t think what else I’d add to my list.  I’ve currently got 27 items on the list and that even includes something to wear (right down to accessories) if I was to need to dress up to go somewhere.  I’ve even included handbags!

Of course, what you all are asking right now is “what is on your list?”. So I shall put you out of your misery and list my items for you:


Black dress with white polka dots

Red dress with white polka dots

Blue dress with white birds

Blue and white striped knit dress

Purple tunic dress

Red and black dress

Jackets and Cardigans

Red short sleeved Cardigan

Black and silver knitted jacket

Plain black cardigan

Dark grey overcoat


Red Colarado Shoes (flat)

Black Colarado Slip ons (heels)



Five pairs of black leggings (and I’ve counted them as five items)


Full brimmed sun hat

Small red handbag

Large red handbag

Black backpack

Fake pearl necklace


White scarf/wrap

Black belt


I seriously can’t think of anything else to add!

In preparation for Project 333 I’ve:

  • Gone through my wardrobe and filled stuffed full a bag with clothing to give away
  • Collected up the clothing that doesn’t currently fit me, but that I’m hoping will fit me again soon, and put it into a space bag to be stored for the time being.  The only exception to this is an overcoat but I didn’t think it would go well in the bag.
  • Rearranged my hanging space so I know exactly where I will find jackets, dresses etc.
  • Folded up the remainder of my clothes that I haven’t chosen for Project 333.  They all fit into a reasonably small basket (with perhaps the exception of a few things that may be in the wash at the moment).

I’m really happy with how easy it has been.  And with the exception of the red cardigan/handbags with the purple tunic, everything goes with everything else.

As some of my clothing is currently hanging on the line or waiting to be washed, I can’t show you all of it, however, I’ll show you a few of the items I’ve selected.

Three jackets, three dresses

Three jackets, three dresses

I’ll try to update this post later as I’m able to take photos of more of my selections.


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