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Project 333

22 July, 2014

Decluttering is not an uncommon theme for blog and forum posts I’ve made over the years, however my recent reading has taken me down the path of minimalism.  Enter Project 333.  The idea of Project 333 is that you wear only 33 items of clothing for three months at a time.  It doesn’t include underwear, pyjamas, gym gear (that you only wear for exercise), or even a hang-around-the-house outfit.  It also doesn’t include special items of jewelery you always wear, such as your wedding ring. It does include shoes, all items of clothing, jackets, accessories and jewelery.

So, I sat down to write my list of clothing items for the project.  Except that I can’t get it up to 33.  I’m glad it doesn’t include exercise gear (or else I’d be in trouble) but I just can’t think what else I’d add to my list.  I’ve currently got 27 items on the list and that even includes something to wear (right down to accessories) if I was to need to dress up to go somewhere.  I’ve even included handbags!

Of course, what you all are asking right now is “what is on your list?”. So I shall put you out of your misery and list my items for you:


Black dress with white polka dots

Red dress with white polka dots

Blue dress with white birds

Blue and white striped knit dress

Purple tunic dress

Red and black dress

Jackets and Cardigans

Red short sleeved Cardigan

Black and silver knitted jacket

Plain black cardigan

Dark grey overcoat


Red Colarado Shoes (flat)

Black Colarado Slip ons (heels)



Five pairs of black leggings (and I’ve counted them as five items)


Full brimmed sun hat

Small red handbag

Large red handbag

Black backpack

Fake pearl necklace


White scarf/wrap

Black belt


I seriously can’t think of anything else to add!

In preparation for Project 333 I’ve:

  • Gone through my wardrobe and filled stuffed full a bag with clothing to give away
  • Collected up the clothing that doesn’t currently fit me, but that I’m hoping will fit me again soon, and put it into a space bag to be stored for the time being.  The only exception to this is an overcoat but I didn’t think it would go well in the bag.
  • Rearranged my hanging space so I know exactly where I will find jackets, dresses etc.
  • Folded up the remainder of my clothes that I haven’t chosen for Project 333.  They all fit into a reasonably small basket (with perhaps the exception of a few things that may be in the wash at the moment).

I’m really happy with how easy it has been.  And with the exception of the red cardigan/handbags with the purple tunic, everything goes with everything else.

As some of my clothing is currently hanging on the line or waiting to be washed, I can’t show you all of it, however, I’ll show you a few of the items I’ve selected.

Three jackets, three dresses

Three jackets, three dresses

I’ll try to update this post later as I’m able to take photos of more of my selections.


22 July, 2014

This book is a comparatively new addition to our library. Originally we borrowed it from the library, when we spotted it in the bookshop, a certain preschooler claimed it for himself.

Each double page spread details one step in the process of building a road. A nice, rhythmic, repetitive story for transport mad kids.


That’s Not My Dinosaur

15 July, 2014

This series has an insane number of books, but I must confess I don’t like all of them. This is one is one both myself and the kids have enjoyed. So much so we bought a second copy second hand. Simple text, textures to feel on each page, this was the first book our four year old “read” himself (saying the story from memory/the pictures). Look out for the others bite don’t try to collect them all, as they get really repetitive after a while.


Bananas in Pyjamas- See What You Can Find

8 July, 2014

Not your typical story book, this board book is like Where’s Wally for toddlers. Five things are pictured on the side of the page, to be found on the page, and they get increasingly difficult (although it’s still for littles so don’t expect brain benders) and even includes a challenge at the end of the book to find the butterfly on every page. A fun book they can “read” on their own.


Choo Choo Clickety Clack

1 July, 2014

This book was so loved by both boys I ended up replacing it with a copy each. Another book for train mad boys, we originally had the copy with an audio CD of the book being read aloud but I really wouldn’t recommend it and I personally think it’s the poorest commercial audio book we own. The read aloud version almost entirely obfuscates the onomatopoeia. So buy the book but use your own voice. :-)


Spot’s Birthday Party

24 June, 2014

Spot books are a perennial favourite. I will often buy them second hand if I see them and I recently discovered that we currently have at least two copies of this one that are second hand. We used to own a bought-new copy and I’m not sure if that’s met its end or it means we have three copies of the book around.

Spot, as always, is engaging and simple. Lots to discuss but easy to follow and could be read in under a minute if you’re really in a hurry.

While we have many a beloved Spot book in our house I will refrain from writing about every single one, though I so believe Spot was worth a second mention.


Terrific Trains

17 June, 2014

This book is a favourite of a certain train-mad family member. It has a good rhythm and rhyme with engaging cartoon-style illustrations and animal characters.

It goes into a little more depth than the average toddler train book, talking about points and railway crossings and the like but it is a great little train book. We’ve also used the bright illustrations to practice colour recognition. Plenty of detail to chat about but simple enough to be able to read through the book in under two minutes. A big favourite here!



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