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So Long, Farewell: 2015 in Summary

23 December, 2015

2015 was the year we sent our children to school, after homeschooling. 

All of our children have done so well. Zoe entered year six, made herself a wonderful group of friends, was elected house captain mid-year when the previous captain left, was nominated for Writer of the Month, won Aussie of the Month, got a Platinum award for behaviour and a Community Spirit Award at the end of year assembly, presented by our local Federal MP. She joined the debating group as a “fourth speaker”, went to an NRL gala day, a three day camp at Milson Island, visited the V8 Super Cars and was invited to participate in an indigenous sports day. She’s had her struggles but has blossomed into a wonderful young lady who is about to enter high school. 

Reuben has had a great time at school with a teacher whose passion for fitness has rubbed off on him. He’s made some friends, won Writer of the Month, gotten a platinum award for behaviour, and represented the school in Newcombe Ball, Cross Country and 200m sprint. He was awarded the Academic Achievement Award for his class at the end of year assembly. He’s been to a two day media workshop at the local high school as well as the same camp as Zoe, V8 Super cars, NRL Gala day and others. 

Rhiannon has worked so hard this year and was awarded the Most Improved award for her class at the end of year assembly, most notably for her outstanding effort and improvement in reading where she went from having remedial reading support to completing year two well above the expected level in reading. She’s represented the school in the 100m dash and dancing and received a platinum award for behaviour. She also participated in an after school AusKick (AFL) program. 

Josiah has done well in his support class and has been on excursions to the farm and the life education centre as well as participating in a sports day at school and weekly trips to the local shops followed by cooking lessons. He received a silver award for behaviour (different systems in the schools) and an award for active learning in literacy which he received a certificate and medal for. 

Ariadne has settled in well to her family day care. She attends two days a week and enjoys the craft and playing with the other kids. She will continue to go next year but is changing days to fit in with some new children who are starting. 

And so, as we put our first year of school behind us, it is time to say farewell to this blog. Our eldest is getting to an age where she needs more privacy, and since we are no longer home schooling, there are fewer opportunities for our home learning and even less time to write about them. 

I will leave the blog as is, as some may find lists of resources and the like to be useful, however I won’t continue to post. 

So long! Farewell!

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