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Epic Quest 2015 – Week Eighteen

28 February, 2015

This week was a bit up and down but started, as almost always, with parkrun. I somehow strained my shoulder on Friday and woke up in quite a bit of pain. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to manage parkrun but in the end I took Rhiannon with me, and we alternated between walking and short spurts of running, so I ended up with a sprint workout anyway. We did a fair bit of walking though and came in at a much slower than usual, but still respectable time of 44 mins. I also managed to complete one of my two other training runs this week (I missed one due to being sick).


However, mid-week, I got sick and so it wiped out an entire day. And that was after Josiah got sick partway through the previous day so I had a few days that I didn’t have time to do much at all. The enforced rest of being sick did enable me to read The Death Cure by James Dashner, so there was a silver lining. Also, I did manage to just scrape in my 20km this week to end on 323km.

I began my 30 day Push Up challenge a day late (due to start on Saturday) due to my injured shoulder. I’ve progressed from one on-toes pushup to one and a half pushups. It’s only tiny, but it’s progress!

I managed to put some work into my Spanish with four days of Duolingo and two of Rosetta Stone, and also worked on a presentation I am giving for my Spanish class this coming week. While I didn’t get a lot of Rosetta Stone done, it was enough to enable me to complete Level 1!

I think that’s all for points for the week. I did explore a new little trail and found some beautiful bushland to practice asanas (yoga), and discovered a new, local park with the kids. After doing my Spartan Race, my mind was ticking over about how the park itself would be a great place to make an obstacle course for the kids!


So, in this week’s points:
parkrun – 10 points
Extra run – 10 points
20km in the week – 10 points
Reading a novel – 20 points
30 Day push up challenge – 6×5 – 30 points
Duolingo – 4×5 – 20 points
Rosetta Stone – 2×5 – 10 points
Completing Rosetta Stone Level One – 20 points

This week’s points – 130 points
Running total – 2650… if I can make 100 points next week I will level up and get a new book!


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