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About Us

We are the Parnell family! Mark and Liz Parnell are the proud parents of Zoe, Reuben, Rhiannon and Josiah. Our family values are Christlikeness, Hospitality, Learning and Fun.

This blog will primarily be focused on our learning endeavours.  Mark has his own website selling web-hosting and web development services.  Liz used to have her own website, but it now links back to this blog.  All the bloggy goodness from her old site is available in the archives of this blog.

Mark currently juggles the responsibilities of family, full time work and part time study as well as smaller commitments such as church, catching up with friends etc.  He completed his degree at the end of 2010 and is now working on the Preliminary Certificate in Theology through Moore College.

Liz is a Child of God. Wife to Mark. Mother to four blessings. Keeper at home.  Home-schooling Parent. Life-long learner. Freelance writer.  Liz has written for Education Choices, Natural Child, Natural Life, Kindred and Mixtapezine.  All of which are now out of print.  Go figure.

Zoe likes ballerinas and Josiah.

Reuben likes pasta with cheese and barbecue sauce.

Rhiannon’s best friend is Lilly.  She likes ballerinas.

Josiah likes teddy bears and Reuben.

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  1. teacher in need permalink
    28 July, 2015 10:08 am

    Hi there, I was trying to download the handwriting slope sheets, but it didn’t work. Is there any chance that you could make that available?

    • 12 August, 2015 8:42 am

      They are hosted by HSLaunch and I don’t know why the link isn’t working.


  1. February Sum-Up and March Goals | We Learn 4 Fun

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