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Swimming Creatures

As we study Swimming Creatures, with the book Exploring Creation with Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day by Jeannie Fulbright –  I hope to create a resource of books, websites, apps, excursions/experiences and anything else that may help others enrich their studies in this area, however I will not be copying suggestions from the course website found in the beginning of the book, as there’s no point recreating the wheel.

Chapter One

Planet Earth: Oceans by Steve Parker (ISBN: 9781845389567)

Life in a Rockpool by Greg Pyers (ISBN: 9781740707909)

Number Find : Oceans by Charles Reasoner (ISBN: 9781617418495) – this is a toddler/preschooler board book but it was handy to keep our toddler engaged, interested and feeling like she was involved

Chapter Two

This Morning I Met A Whale by Michael Morpurgo (ISBN: 9781406306460)

Moby Dick Retold for Kids by Max James (ISBN: 9781491092897)

Chapter Three

Little Walrus Warning

Chapter Four

The Smallest Turtle by Lynley Dodd

Chapter Five

Dragons of the Deep

Prehistoric Safari: Sea Monsters

Deadly Dinosaurs: Deep Sea Monsters (Sticker and Activity Book)


Videos and Other


Barney’s Barrier Reef TV Series

The Kingdom of the Oceans

An Underwater Love Story

Jacques Costeau Art Project

Chapter One

Benthos, Nekton and Plankton

How Do Tides Work?

Slideshow of Abyssal creatures

Finding Nemo – Just keep swimming/Anglerfish scene

Octonauts episode: The Midnight Zone

Chapter Two

A young Whale shows her Baleen

Whale songs
Spouting and showing the fluke

Whale breaching – the action is all between 24s and 34s
Octonauts Episodes: The Mixed Up Whales, Dolphin Reef Rescue, The Baby Dolphin
Finding Nemo – Dory Speaks Whale
Finding Nemo – Stuck in a Whale
Finding Nemo – Time to Let Go
Free Willy
Whales art project
Chapter Three
Endangered Love – VeggieTales
Octonauts – Manatees, The Walrus Chief, The Enormous Elephant Seal
The Walrus and the Carpenter – poem
Chapter Four
Octonauts Episodes – Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Eel Ordeal, The Slime Eels
Art Lesson – Turtles and Turtles and Turtles
Free How To Draw A Sea Turtle Handout
Frog Art lesson
Chapter Five
Cartography Art Project  (links ito ancient maps depicting sea monsters)
Chapter Six
Hooray for Fish – art lesson
Fish Eyes art lesson
Watercolour Fish art lesson
Henri Matisse “The Goldfish” art lesson
Chapter Eight
Crab art lesson
Excursions (NSW)
Sydney Sea Life Aquarium
Dolphin Marine Magic – Coffs Harbour
Manly Sea Life Aquarium
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