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Homeschool to Public School – About Two-Thirds of a Year

3 September, 2015

We are nearing the end of term three of the kids being at school and I have been feeling like it’s time for another update.

Ariadne is enjoying family day care and although she sometimes has difficulty with arriving there, within a few minutes she is fine. Shes made some friends and has a good time just spending time with some other people. When she’s at home she loves painting and going for rides on my new bike with a special “Litle Red Seat” that she gets to sit in.

Josiah has really settled into school and is doing really well. It’s taken him until term three to get talktative at school, but he’s enjoying it. He’s achieved a Bronze Award for behaviour and has been able to be regularly intergrated into the mainstream school playground. He enjoys their weekly shopping excursions and cooking, although he often won’t eat what he cooked. Just last week he participated in a Junior Sports carnival at school where I was able to run the 100m race with him.

Rhiannon is really enjoying school also. Recently she was in a dance concert and performed at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre as part of the Blue Mountains Nepean Dance Festival. She also represented her school at district athletics for the 100m dash. While she continues to struggle with her reading, she is making good progress. She’s achieved both a Bronze and Silver Award for behaviour and recently participated in the ICAS test for Science where she got a High Distinction and was in the top 1% of students in Australia. We are very proud of this achievement!

Reuben is loving school! He has represented his school at the district cross country and district athletics in the 200m run. He’s achieved Bronze, Silver and Gold awards for behaviour, won Writer of the Month for 3-6 and was selected as a finalist from his class in the public speaking competition. He enjoys playing Newcombeball in the local PSSA competition, and is excited that the season is due to recommence. Reuben has a great teacher who is personally into fitness and does a lot of physical activity with her class, which Reuben enjoys.

Zoe has made a wonderful group of friends at school, most of whom will be attending high school with her. She came second at the school athletics carnival in shot put, and is a part of the school debating team as “fourth speaker” helping the other students prepare their arguments and rebuttals. Recently she gave a speech in front of her class as part of the public speaking competition, which was a big achievement for her. She has Bronze, Silver and Gold behaviour awards and has won Aussie of the Month for 3-6, which is a citezenship award. When the female house captain for her sporting house left the school, Zoe was voted in as House Captain. I’ve also had the opportunity to help in Zoe’s class recently with art lessons.

What I’ve realised recently that I’m enjoying about their school experience is that it gives me the opportunity to be proud of my kids! When they score well, when they perform well, when they try their hardest and when their peers select them for roles and awards, it allows me to be proud of my kids. This is something I didn’t really have the opportunity to do when they were at home with me. While I don’t regret home schooling, I’m confident that we made the right choice by sending the kids to school this year.

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  1. Alison Gerber permalink
    3 September, 2015 10:44 am

    Thanks for the update! Great to hear how the kids are doing!

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