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Epic Quest 2015 – Week Sixteen

14 February, 2015

The week started, as always, with parkrun, although this time it was my turn to volunteer, with my first go at being timekeeper. I also went for a quick run with Annie in the pram that afternoon.

Then, on Sunday, our whole family participated in Colour Run in Homebush at Sydney Olympic Park. My first event for the year completed.


Monday I went for a run-walk (ok, so a lot more walking and chatting than running) with a running buddy and then followed it up with an 8km solo bushwalk on Tuesday. So, as you’ve probably guessed, I easily managed to complete my 20km this week. In fact I added 32km to my total to bring me to 276km! Another good week like that and I will hit the 300km mark!

Exercise-wise, the rest of the week was a little quieter, with Zumba on Wednesday night and Yoga on Friday morning.

I managed to finish Stephen Fry’s Memoir More Fool Me (biography) early on in the week, then late in the week I giggled a lot while reading The Ants Are My Friends and Weird Things Customers Say In Bookshops. They were both a great mood lifter and provided Mark and I with lots of laughter.

I worked pretty diligently at my Spanish, completing both Rosetta Stone and Duolingo six times each this week. And completed my yoga challenge every day, and now only have a week left (so next Saturday I get to begin/announce a new challenge). The yoga challenge is going so well, it’s enabled me to mark another thing off my challenges list, as I managed to hold bakasana (crow) for “at least a few seconds”.

So, in all, a productive week.

parkrun – 10 points
A run (Saturday, Sunday, Monday) – 3*10 points – 30 points
Colour Run – 30 points
Run-Walking 20+ km – 10 points
Biography – 20 points
Non fiction books – 2*20 – 40 points
Duolingo – 6*5 – 30 points
Rosetta Stone – 6*5 – 30 points
Yoga Challenge – 7*5 – 35 points
Holding Bakasana for a few seconds – 50 points

This week’s total – a whopping 285 points!!
This brings me to 2300 points in total, with 450 left to get me to the next level!
(PS with my level 6 reward of a $30 gift card I paid for part of my hydration pack).


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