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Epic Quest 2015 – Week Seventeen

21 February, 2015

This week past has been a pretty epic week.

We started with the simple parkrun, this week as a volunteer at Lawson as the Finish Tokens volunteer. The reason I (yet again) didn’t run parkrun was because I had an event coming up.

On Sunday I competed in the Spartan Stadium Sprint at ANZ Stadium, Homebush. This event was the first of its kind in Australia and you can read my post-race review of it here. While this counts as competing in an event, due to the enormity of the challenge I decided that it would be worth an additional 50 points if I was to complete it with another 50 points being awarded for completing the course in under two hours.
The Spartan Stadium Sprint really was a challenge for me, both physically and mentally but I completed it. With a smile on my face.

The bulk of the rest of the week was spent recovering from the Spartan Race. I did go on a 5km bushwalk with some Running Mums, did some Spanish study and completed my 30 Day Yoga Challenge, but it was at a much slower “pace” than usual. I’ve added 26km to my 1000km challenge, passing my mini-goal of achieving 300km before my birthday.

Now, last week I promised that now the 30 Day Yoga Challenge was over I would post about a new challenge I was going to set myself. The goal of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge was twofold – to get me into a daily yoga practice but also to get me closer to my goal of holding an arm balance or head stand for a few seconds, and I managed to achieve that goal (see last week). My new 30 Day Challenge will be a push up challenge. One of my physical fitness goals was to be able to do three push ups in a row on my toes. So, every day for the next thirty days I will be doing ten push ups. The idea is that I will start on my toes and do as many pushups as I can manage on my toes, and then do the remainder of the pushups on my knees. Hopefully, as the weeks pass I will be able to do more than one (all I can manage at the moment) on my toes, and maybe even reach my goal of three in a row. I do hope to continue my daily yoga practice also.

Unlike the yoga challenge, I won’t be posting photos (because every day would basically look the same) but in my weekly wrap up I will update on how many days I completed the challenge for and how many pushups I did on my toes each day.

So…. to the points!

So this week’s points are as follows:
Lawson parkrun – 10 points
Spartan Stadium Sprint – 30 + 50 + 50 – 130 points
Completing 20+kms this week – 10 points
Duolingo – 4×5 – 20 points
Rosetta Stone – 3×5 – 15 points
30 Day Yoga Challenge – 7×5 – 35 points

This week’s total: 220 points
Running total: 2520 points

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