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Epic Quest 2015 – Week Fifteen

7 February, 2015

As always, the week began with parkrun, this time though volunteering at Lawson Parkrun, followed by a swim. After a migraine on Sunday, I went for a trail walk/run, taking it easy as a recovery session. I tried some new foods – I went to a fancy sushi train in the city with a friend and tried all sorts of things I’ve never had before including sushi with “some sort of octopus/squid thing… Some sort of mollusc” on it, a green seaweedy sushi, raw fish and some tasty Japanese desserts.

I’ve managed a bit of Spanish, both Rosetta Stone and DuoLingo, as well as returning to my weekly Spanish class. I’ve also read two books – The Scorch Trials by James Dashner (the second book in the Maze Runner trilogy) and Stronger by Jeff Bauman (who lost both his legs in the Boston Marathon bombing), adding another fiction title and a biography to my list.

I also hired myself a dvd to watch one day (while I folded washing and ironed). It’s not the same as seeing a movie at the cinema but it was still something important to do for myself and something I wouldn’t ordinarily do. I’ve continued with my daily yoga practice, helped along by some poses that are good for relieving migraines. I also managed to practice yoga at a lookout which was a lovely experience, so I braved the outdoors the following day (in our front yard) for some more outdoor yoga. Then I got even braver and did some yoga outside in a fairly public place. I didn’t realise it until a little later when I bumped into someone that I knew that people had actually noticed and recognised me but hey, I was just doing my thing. It did take a bit of bravery to practice somewhere so public and open, though.

I’ve also exceeded my goal of 20km for the week.

So points stand at:
parkrun – 10 points
An extra run – 10 points
Golden opportunity – swimming ten laps!! – 10 points
Golden opportunity – outdoor/scenic yoga – 10 points
Golden opportunity – outdoor/public yoga – 10 points
Trying new foods x3 – 30 points
Reading a fiction book – 20 points
Reading a biography – 20 points
Rosetta Stone x4 – 20 points
DuoLingo x3 – 15 points
Golden Opportunity – Hiring a DVD for myself – 10 points
Walking/running 20+km – 10 points
30 Day Yoga Challenge every day – 35 points

This week’s total: 215 points
Year total: 2015 points – ding ding ding! Up a new level. I get a $30 gift voucher!!

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