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Books I’d Like To Read and Movies I’d Like To See

7 January, 2015

I already have my classics list, but I keep finding more and more books I’d like to read that I feel I need to add another “books to read” list.  I’ve got to keep track of it all somewhere!

  1. Walden – By Henry David Thoreau (this would also count as a classic)
  2. We Are Pirates – by Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snickett).  Comes out in March
  3. New book (currently untitled) – by Geraldine Brooks.  Comes out in November
  4. Sci Fi Trilogy, Emergence, Resistance, Ascendance – by John Birmingham.  Comes out Feb, Mar and May.
  5. Supermarket Monsters – by Malcolm Knox.  Comes out in June
  6. The Keepers – by Malcolm Knox.  Comes out in October
  7. Almost Famous Women – by Megan Mayhew Bergman.  Just out yesterday
  8. The Season of Migration – by Nellie Hermann.  Just out yesterday
  9. A History of Loneliness – by John Boyne. Comes out in February
  10. A Spool of Blue Thread – by Anne Tyler. Comes out in February
  11. After Birth – by Elisa Albert. Comes out in February
  12. Find Me – by Laura ven den Berg. Comes out in February
  13. The Buried Giant – by Kazuo Ishiguro. Comes out in March
  14. The Poser – by Jacob Rubin Comes out in March
  15. Legion by Brandon Sanderson (as recommended by my brother Andrew)
  16. Run Like Crazy – by Tristan Miller
  17. Almost Invincible – By Suzanne Burdon (biographical novel about Mary Shelley)

Shortly I’ll also have to add the books on my shelf I have, waiting for me to read!

My Current List of Movies to See (at the cinema)

  1. Ex Machina (5th March)
  2. Jupiter Ascending (19th Feb)
  3. The Theory of Everything (??)
  4. The Water Diviner (out now)
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