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Epic Quest 2015 – Week Ten

3 January, 2015

I felt like this week was my chance to get back on track, after a few low-points weeks surrounding the end of the “therapy year” and Christmas.

I started the week off with a great parkrun, not my best time but only my second parkrun time under 37 mins (and my PB only a few weeks before that was over 38 mins). I then managed to read a book (Lost and Found by Brooke Davis) over the course of Saturday and Sunday and then went for a 3.4km trail run with some local running mums on Monday. Monday also saw me get back on the wagon for my Spanish practice.

I backed up Monday’s run with a near 7km run on Tuesday with some of the same mums (and a few others), then Thursday was New Year’s Day parkrun. I also went to the movies to see the last Hobbit movie, so in all its been a busy week.

So in this week’s points:
Two parkruns – 20 points
One 5k run under 40 mins – 10 points
Two extra runs – 20 points
Reading a fiction book – 20 points
Three days of DuoLingo – 15 points
Going to a movie – 30 points
Running 20km+ in a week (21km) – 10 points

I’ve hit 139km in my 1000km challenge after adding 21km this week.

125 points this week bringing me to 1120 points and on to level four. Another movie ticket for me which will come in handy!

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