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Running Resolutions

1 January, 2015

Being the first of January, today is the normal day for people to make resolutions for the new year… Resolutions that are usually abandoned before Valentine’s Day.

This year, instead of resolutions, I have my Epic Quest to work on. However, I would like to set myself a few targets, and since I’ve been posting about running on Thursdays, I thought I would set myself some running goals to keep myself on track to complete my Epic Quest this year.

Goal #1 to achieve at least 33 parkruns by Easter. I finish the year on 23 parkruns, so I should only need to make ten more (out of 13-14 Saturday’s) to reach that. It’s totally achievable but ambitious enough to keep me on track.

Goal #2 to participate in three fun runs/events by the end of June. This will have me 3/4 of the way to my goal of four events in the year.

Goal #3 to have clocked up 300km (towards my 1000km goal) by my birthday (early March).

Focusing on these three goals should have me well on the way to achieving my Epic Quest running goals for 2014.

However my running is going REALLY well at the moment and I’ve decided to add some more running goals to my original resolutions above, which were just mini goals to work towards my Epic Quest. So I’m going to set myself five goals that will earn points towards my epic quest.

1. To run 5km without stopping.
2. To run 5km at/under 35mins.
3. To run 5km at/under 32m30s.
4. To run 5km at/under 30mins.
5. To run 7km at/under 45mins.

Each of these milestones will earn me 30 points.

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