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Epic Quest 2015 – Week Five

29 November, 2014

I’ve been having some real technical difficulties with my Couch to 5k app – unless I actually have my phone screen active and the app on screen, I can’t hear the walk/jog cues.  Which is a real pain because it’s really not helpful to have to be holding my phone or having the screen constantly on and hoping I don’t accidentally bump something on screen.

So, I’ve made a decision to scrap that goal, and any future points, and replace them (I’ll update the respective blog posts accordingly).  In the future (from week 6), any 5km run under 40mins gets me 10 points, and any extra 20min + run also gets me an extra 10 points, and any new PB set at parkrun will earn me an additional ten points, all working towards my long term goal of runnning 5km in 30mins or less (which will take me longer than this Epic Quest lasts).

My new goal, to replace the completing the Couch-to-5k app completion, will be to compete in 4 (or more) fun runs this year.  Each fun run will be worth 30 points, although there is one specific event that will be worth more points than that – more information to come.

At the end of week 5 I’ve worked up 62.3kms towards my 1000km goal.

This week has been a better one than last week.  Points are as follows:

parkrun – 10 points
My final attempt at Couch to 5km – 10 points
Duolingo 2×5 points – 10 points
The Gifts of Imperfection (non fiction) – 20 points
Rosetta Stone – 8×5 points – 40 points
Trying a new exercise class – Zumba Step – 30 points
Extra run in the week – 10 points

Week total: 130 points.
Running total: 670 (Level 2). If I can get another 130 points next week I can level up again! IMG_9688.JPG

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  1. 4 December, 2014 11:16 pm

    I use an app called Strava to track my runs, I run for as long as I can then walk till I can breathe again, lol, then run again. I set little goals like when I’m feeling a bit breathy I will try and go to the next power pole. When I was running regularly last year I made a deal with myself to run all downhill sections. I find little goals each run help with enjoyment and stamina. I had open heart surgery to replace my pulmonary valve and it has been a goal of mine to do the Gold Coast half marathon since then. I am going to do it this year! I’m going to give it a red hot go anyway, my cardiologist cleared me to do it!!

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