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Epic Quest 2015 – Week Four

23 November, 2014

I didn’t have a great week last week and didn’t make as much progress as I would have liked towards my goals, but I did make progress.

My points were as follows:
Parkrun – 10 points
Read a biography – A Walk With Jane Austen – 20 points
Went to the movies to see The Maze Runner – 30 points
Worked on Spanish with Duolingo – four times 5 points – 20 points
Read a non-fiction book, Simplify by Joshua Becker – 20 points

This week’s points – 100 points
For a grand total of 540 points (Level 2).

I didn’t make much progress towards my Walk to Mordor. I only did my 5km parkrun and because it was run naked week (more about that later but I ran without GPS tracking) it’s not counting in my app. I’ll see if I can fix that for next week.

I’m hoping the coming week is better!

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