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Epic Quest 2015 – Why?

18 November, 2014

I wanted to go a little into the “why” of my epic quest.

For me, it’s about lifelong learning and about looking after myself. As a parent of five children and a carer to one (maybe two) with an autism diagnosis, looking after myself and personally pursuing lifelong learning is just not going to happen on its own. I have to make this intentional and purposeful or I’ll just plod along and not get anywhere.

Personally, I’ve neglected myself for far too long. And when I’ve tried to “look after myself” it too often turns into punishing myself. Enforcing strict rules about what I will and won’t do. I will exercise every day. I will read three chapters of the bible every day. I won’t eat bread/dairy/carbs/chocolate/whatever the demon of the day is…

This is about me. About exploring our world. About learning new things and becoming a better version of myself. As the years go on my focus will shift or sharpen. My passions and interests will vary, but it’s something I need to do for me – something I cant “undo”. One of the most important thing for me is that it is not undoable. I can mess up “lose ten kg” by putting it all back on, but I can’t mess up “walk 500km”. Walking backwards, not walking for weeks on end, being ill, being busy, even eating poorly cannot take away the kms I have walked. It helps me to not get discouraged so easily. My psychologist has said to me that I need to have goals and aims to work towards, it’s just part of who I am and really makes a difference to my mental health. It is such a great feeling to achieve a goal or even know you’ve taken one small step towards a larger goal.

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