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Epic Quest 2015 – Week Three

15 November, 2014

Week three has been pretty busy and it shows in my points!

Firstly, I did a class/workshop and went to an arm balance (yoga) workshop, with Becki, my yoga instructor.  I managed to (very) briefly hold two different arm balances, so I’ve awarded myself some points for that.

We went to the cricket – an international T20 between Australia and South Africa.  I don’t get any points for it, sadly, but it was pretty epic.  Love a good cricket match.

I went to a book launch – Cook 4 a Cure by Kim McCosker – and took Rhiannon with me.

I took a Golden Opportunity this week and went to see The Minimalists on tour at Sydney Uni. I could attempt to write something about it but I can’t say it any better than Brooke already has.  It was a pretty great night and has reignited my enthusiasm for battling through the chaos to look for a simpler life and simpler home.

I’ve also done the usual reading, Spanish study etc and walked/jogged to get me to a total of 41.9km towards my 1000km goal.

Now for the points!

Couch to 5k workout – 10 points

Arm balance workshop – 40 points

Two arm balances held (briefly), 10 points each – 20 points

Laugh and Learn Spanish twice, 5 points each – 10 points

GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY – Cook 4 a Cure Book Launch – 10 points

GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY – The Minimalists – 50 points

DuoLingo, four times, 5 points each – 20 points

Rosetta Stone five times, 5 points each – 25 points

Read The Maze Runner – 20 points

Week Three Total – 205 points! An Epic Week!

Total Points – a Whopping 440 points, meaning I ****LEVEL UP****. Bring on the movie ticket (thanks FlyBuys points).

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