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Epic Quest 2015 – Week 2

8 November, 2014

This week was productive and I started to get into the habit of regular Spanish practice.

I started the week with 21.2kms towards my 1000km goal, I’m on 32.6km meaning I’ve added another 11.4km this week.

This week’s points are made up of:
Couch to 5k (10 points)
parkrun (10 points)
Duolingo (5 points x 4 – 20 points)
Laugh and Learn Spanish (5 points x 3 – 15 points)
Rosetta Stone Spanish (5 points x 2 – 10 points)
Trip to the Australian Museum (for El Dia de Los Muertos) (30 points – not sure if it counts as a festival or a museum trip!)
Drunk Tank Pink and Destination: Simple – two non-fiction books (20 points x 2 – 40 points)

Total for the week: 135.
Total points so far: 235 points, well on my way to level two!!


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