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Epic Quest – Levels

4 November, 2014

I started off thinking I would aim for 100 points a week, and reward myself each week I achieved the required points. The more I thought about it, however, the more I realised that a weekly prize would have to be quite small to be affordable and therefore not as, well, rewarding.

So I’ve returned to the game concept and decided to introduce levels.

So, I started on 21st October, on Level 1 with 0 points. To get to level two I need to earn 400 points. Level three will need 800 points. And so on, and so forth.

But it doesn’t end there. Achieving each level up earns me a prize or reward. To keep it affordable and realistic, I’m going to use points I earn with purchases (flybuys points and the like) to “buy” a lot of these rewards so that my levelling up doesn’t hurt the family budget, or that I don’t miss out on a reward because we don’t have money to spare that week. For the rewards that cost money, I have a separate savings account where we squirrel away a small amount of money each month ($10 a month I think) for that sort of thing and I plan to match it out of my own “pocket money”.

So, the levels, points and rewards system will go as follows
Level 1 – 0 points – starting point.
Level 2 – 400 points – movie ticket.
Level 3 – 800 points – movie ticket.
Level 4 – 1000 points – movie ticket.
Level 5 – 1500 points – lunch at Mad Mex. (They have awesome healthy options which means I can stick to a healthy eating plan AND have lunch out!)
Level 6 – 2000 points – $30 gift card (I earn one of these every few months through loyalty schemes on grocery purchases)
Level 7 – 2750 points – a new book ($25-$35)
Level 8 – 3500 points – two movie tickets.
Level 9 – 4000 points – a massage/massage voucher.
Level 10 – 4750 points – two movie tickets
Level 11 – 5500 points – $50 gift card
Level 12 – 6500 points – High tea for two

So, there it is. My levels, rewards and points program. Now, to stop blogging and to keep earning these points!

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