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Project 333 – An Update

24 October, 2014

A few months ago I announced that I was giving Project 333 a go – wearing only 33 items of general clothing (including accessories and pairs of shoes but not including workout clothes, pyjamas and “lounge wear”) for three months.

So, how did it go? It was pretty easy actually. Since I wear dresses, each dress is generally an entire outfit. There were some accessories I didn’t even use for the entire month, and a dress I didn’t wear at all (it is a good dress for going out for dinner etc). I had one dress develop holes that I had to replace, and I replaced my black shrug (that had become misshapen) with a new short sleeved black cardigan and replaced some of my leggings that always managed to fall down with some new ones. And I bought one new dress anyway. But I didn’t exceed the 33 items, just replaced as needed.

I also went on holidays with just ten items of clothing (by the same rules as the Project 333 rules) and didn’t have any issues. Three dresses, three pairs of leggings, two cardigans and two pair of shoes. For a week. No problems!

The outcome? I probably won’t change anything. I will sort through my basket of clothes that I packed away for the challenge and decide if anything in there is worth keeping. It’s also made me more decisive about future purchases as all my clothes (bar one outfit) fit into the black-white-navy-red colour scheme, and I can keep that in mind.

Would I do it again? Well yes. In fact, I basically do it all the time and will continue to do so. I really don’t feel the need to have more clothes than this. I will probably get out a few extra accessories but I will take a long hard look at them to decide if I will actually wear them…

Would I recommend it to others? Sure!

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