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Managing Behaviours and Dealing with Trauma

16 April, 2014

I recently attended a workshop/seminar where Margaret Goldfinch spoke about managing difficult behaviours, especially when trauma is involved. I found, though, that a lot of it was applicable to all children, although the kids with the challenging behaviour are the ones who need our intentional, consistent responses the most.

One of the most useful tips I got was to just keep enforcing the consequence. Don’t escalate it because they have done it three times already and thereby punish them for not learning quick enough. You just consistently, and patiently, enforce the consequence. Of course, over time you may need to change the consequence if it is ineffective, but it is not making the consequence bigger and bigger, just changing what it is.

On a similar note, we learnt about using the smallest consequence possible. Which, really, makes sense. You use the smallest consequence that will be effective.

I learnt more from the workshop than this but these were my two take-home, able-to-implement-immediately hints.

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