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Studies in Australian History – the Last six weeks

9 April, 2014

I haven’t been posting regularly about our studies but we have been plodding along with them nonetheless.


We enjoyed The Fair Dinkum War so much it will (eventually) make its way onto my list of recommended Australian History books.


We also went on a slightly crazy excursion to visit local war memorials. Mostly thwarted by torrential rain and the fact that most local war memorials were outdoors.

We also read the books The Mozart Question and Faithful Elephants that examined the war from a foreign perspective and Angel of Kokoda by Mark Wilson. The more of his books I read the more I love the way he handles the difficult topics of life, like war.

We moved on from the world wars and touched on the Vietnam War with Vietnam Diary (also by Mark Wilson) and Afghanistan Pup (brand new, released less than a month ago) while touching on refugees (The Happiest Little Refugee by Anh and Suzanne Do) and our national anthem (Advance Australia Fair).

We’ve also enjoyed Python by Christopher Chen – while not history it was still Australian. We’ve been on nature walks and put our energies into other things other than Australian history.

We’ve finished Our Sunburnt Country and almost finished the My Place TV Series (which we are watching from end to beginning since the series is in reverse chronological order). We are still working through Discover Downunder and Prime Ministers of Australia, both of which will keep us going for the coming term. I still have some geography themed books for Australia we will incorporate but I think we are done with our history books for the time being.

Looking forward, our plans are to do some local area and family history, and study some of the bush poets, such as Banjo Patterson and Henry Lawson. After about a month of that we will dive headlong into our next history study – Tudor England.

So that’s us, up to date, although I’m certain I will remember books I have failed to mention.

Life has just been a bit too crazy to keep you all up to date on everything we’ve done of late and the last six weeks has brought a lot of appointments which have thrown our routine right out. >

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