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Nobody Tells You

14 March, 2014

When you have a baby everyone tells you these early days and years are precious. That the tiredness is short term.

Nobody tells you that sometimes it isn’t.

When you express your concerns about your child’s development, everybody tells you not to worry, he’ll be fine. Your friend. The community nurse. Your neighbour. The doctor. The registrar, the intern, the treatment room nurse.

Nobody tells you, you were right and we were wrong.

When you are struggling, people say to accept help.

Nobody tells you what to do when you CAN’T accept the help because there aren’t many people you can leave your child with.

Everyone will tell you “this is what will help your child. This is what you need to do”.

Nobody will tell you how to create more hours in your day to actually do these things because the basics already seem to take more than all day.

Everybody tells you, repetition and consistency. Repetition and consistency. Repetition and consistency. One lapse can set you back months of consistency.

Nobody tells you how to be a perfect saint with a 100% strike rate and get it right EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Everybody tells you how great your child is doing on a good day.

Nobody even talks to you when your child is having a bad day. They just stare.

Everybody tells you to look after yourself.

Nobody tells you how to find hours, babysitting and energy to exercise, cool healthy meals, take time out for yourself.

Everybody is willing to congratulate you from afar. Tell you you’re doing a great job. Tell you you must be a saint or have a super supply of patience. Put you up on a damn pedestal.

Nobody is willing to take the time to get to know you. Your fears and failures. Your successes – however small they usually are. Your hopes and your dreams.

Everybody tells you that it must be hard work.

Nobody wants to step into your shoes and see how hard it is. Or let you vent about your struggles and hear how hard it is.

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  1. 14 March, 2014 7:56 pm

    There are some people… But they are like rare opals – few and far between.

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