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Studies In Australian History Week Twenty-Two

16 February, 2014

We have continued to read about World War One this week. We started off by introducing two new books we’ll be reading approximately once per week. Discover Downunder and Prime Ministers of Australia, are both available through Homeschooling Downunder, and have downloadable e-books to print and have your students complete work in. If you remember to print them out in advance.

In Discover Downunder we had a general introduction to his Great South Land, written in a narrative style by Michelle of Homeschooling Downunder. I’m looking forward to using this resource over the coming months.

In Prime Ministers of Australia we reviewed the legal and governance systems in place before 1901, chiefly the laws of Britain and the governors of the new colony of New South Wales. It shall be interesting to learn a little more about the Prime Ministers of Australia – something we don’t have a lot of emphasis on in Australia, unlike in the US when children often memorise the names of the Presidents in order.

As you can see from the cover, it is reasonably up to date with only Tony Abbot not included in the book.

We also read The Promise, about the town of Villers-Britennouex in France. It was about the battle fought there by the Australian Soldiers but also the lasting relationship between the French town and Australia.

We managed to track down two pieces of music mentioned in the book. One is called The Glass Soldier, written by the grandson of a soldier who died in Villers-Bretonneux, telling his grandfather’s story. The second is called The Minstrel Boy and is a traditional Irish patriotic song. We already had an instrumental version by The Corrs, but it does have lyrics.

We read Anzac Day Parade but discovered it refers to WWII not WWI. We may revisit it when we learn about WWII.

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