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Mathematics and Art – Week Three – Cadence #1 and Mosaics

24 January, 2014

This week’s collection of artworks was all about playing with shape and space.

I love the artwork Cadence #1 and used it as a starting point. I also showed the kids some images of mosaics (just whatever came up on Google image search when I typed mosaic). I then let them have at it with large and small paper squares, glue and teeny square paper “tiles”.

The younger children just enjoyed the glueing.

We had some mosaics that made the outline of a shape.

And some that made objects.


We also had one very nice symmetrical pattern. 😉


To further our shape and space exploration, we tried some circle mosaics, with circles of paper and some circle stickers I picked up cheaply at the grocery shop.




And because we are all a little crazy around here, we used a pack of foam offcuts/scraps to make a collaborative collage based on last week’s artwork, Castle and Sun.


Coming up soon, we’ll start exploring the different forms of symmetry, in different ways.

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