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Shelly Beach (Cronulla)

21 January, 2014

We recently drove out to Shelly Beach for the morning and had a great time!

Shelly Beach has a heap of facilities, there’s two small beaches, an ocean pool, a fully fenced park, BBQs, toilet and shower facilities and a walking/jogging path around the coastline.

The first beach we went to clearly demonstrated how Shelly Beach got its name. The sand is more little pieces of shell and less soft beach sand, but they pieces aren’t sharp. We easily made quite a collection of shells and other objects, although we didn’t take any shells home.


The beach is quite small but it was also very quiet – for most of the overcast morning the only people we saw were over 50s taking their morning swim.


After exploring the first beach we headed across to the Ocean Pool – which was noticeably cooler than the ocean water.

20140121-144631.jpg There are steps into the water, but I’d recommend taking the ramp. The steps are quite rough on your feet with gravel and cement – the thin covering later of cement render has come away in most spots.

The ocean pool is a great place to experience the ocean water and even some waves, but without the same drag and potential risks of an ocean dip.


After our dip in the ocean pool, we headed up to the park. The park at Shelly Beach has a wonderful ocean theme with “waves” in the softfall, a jetty, a surfboard to ride and a boat shaped sand and water play area. It also features four baby swings, four normal swings and a Liberty Swing.

Our kids spent a full hour (some more!) in the sand and water play area, making castles, mountains, moats and tunnels.

We then took another dip in the ocean pool before heading home.


Shelly Beach is well looked after with a wide expanse of lawns to play on, in addition to the wonderful park and beach. The toilet facilities are clean and well cared for, although they are still public beach toilets so don’t expect all the comforts of home ;-).

Please note that this beach is not patrolled by a Surf Life Saving Club.

From the outer west of Sydney it took about 90mins to drive there in peak hour and a little over an hour to get back home. It’s a fair drive but when you live out here there aren’t really any closer options!

It was a lovely day out and the kids are keen to visit Shelly Beach again soon!

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