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Lennox Bridge, Blaxland

15 January, 2014

Lennox Bridge is a convict built bridge, which from 1833 formed part of the major route from the colony to the west of the Blue Mountains. The following image (from The State Library of NSW, that I took a screenshot of when using their app, Curio) is of “Major Mitchell’s Pass” and the section shown is the building of Lennox Bridge.


Lennox Bridge is a little oasis of calm. The sandstone bridge is beautiful (despite the efforts of graffiti artists) and is worth seeing on its own. If you take a walk down the south-western side of the bridge there are steps that take you to the base of the bridge so you can get a great view of it.

There is a viaduct through the middle which creates a fun stream to play in after it has been raining as the creek at that point is usually quite dry.


There are rocks to climb and vines to swing from. Sticks to poke with and leaves to collect. There’s also the occasional mysterious find.


As far as facilities go, there isn’t much. A picnic table and a rubbish bin. There is limited parking but it’s a very quiet spot – there’s never been anyone else down there when we were there. There is an off leash dog area at the top of the bridge. There are no toilet facilities nearby so it’s not somewhere you could plan to spend all day, however it’s the perfect place to spend a quiet hour or two.

“Major Mitchell’s Pass” is now known as Mitchell’s Pass and is a one-way backroad down the Blue Mountains from Blaxland.

For those who aren’t locals, the easiest way to access it is to follow the M4 to it’s western end, where it becomes the Great Western Highway. Follow this through Glenbrook and into Blaxland and turn right at the traffic lights where McDonalds is (Layton Ave). Follow this under the single lane railway bridge and straight through the roundabout where it turns into Mitchell’s Pass. Continue to follow this road as it takes a slight left hand bend away from the houses. After you’ve followed this for a few mins you will be at Lennox Bridge. The road is one way beyond the parking on the far side of Lennox Bridge – down the mountains only.



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