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Studies in Australian History – Week Seventeen

29 November, 2013

Recently we’ve read the chapter “Men of Industry” in Our Sunburnt Country. It inspired a little side exploration of Australian inventions, with the aid of this book:

We’ve learnt about Victorian Era inventions (to fit with the period of Men of Industry) and then branched out to other inventions of interest such as Dynamic Lifter and The Super Sopper.

It’s a handy little book put out by the Powerhouse Museum that gives a summary of the invention in 2-4 pages, in user friendly language.

The children also invented their own things to solve a problem of the Victorian Era, and having watched the first episode of Victorian Farm recently helped them to think in terms of the era.

We’re winding up for the end of the year soon, but hoping to squeeze one more chapter of Our Sunburnt Country in before then.

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  1. melonvine permalink
    29 November, 2013 3:53 pm

    Oh I have wondered about what Australian Inventions book I will end up getting next year ūüôā

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