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Studies in Australian History – Week Sixteen

20 November, 2013

I confess not much schooling has happened here of late. We’ve had some upheavals here and schooling hasn’t been the priority of late. More on that later.

Mark managed to get some Australian History work done with the kids on Saturday, and I wanted to share their work.

After learning about the Gold Rush, Mark read them Henry Lawson’s poem The Roaring Days. Then they each chose (from three different options) to write a poem about the gold rush era.

This is Reuben’s.

“They dug for gold day and night
With a firey torch for light
They dug and panned and even found
Some gold just lying on the ground
My brother dug right near a tree
To find gold nuggets just for me
My brother found 24
And put 12 of them at my door”

Here is Rhiannon’s.

“I’m someone in the Gold Rush
Panning for gold in a stream
I put the BBs in the pan
To keep the gold in the same place
I found a gold nugget”

Zoe didn’t want me to share her poem.

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