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October Fitness Goal Update and November Goals

31 October, 2013

Well, I made it! Just.

If you’re setting yourself a skipping challenge:

Rule #1: don’t lose your skipping rope during the first week.

Yep. I lost my skipping rope and have still been unable to find it. I did some skipping at the gym but in the end I had to modify my goal to include jumping on the rebounder and hooping (not at the same time) because I was not letting a little thing like a lost skipping rope get in the way of my achieving my goals! And I may have only just scraped in with a monster effort in the last week (blush) but I did it!

More importantly than that (not “improbably” which was what auto correct wanted after I mauled my typing of the word importantly) I achieved my goal of six weeks of getting to the gym (or doing another workout like dragon boating training) three times a week. In fact, this week I have been to the gym/group fitness class four times and still have two days of this week left!


This goal of getting consistent with workouts was vital for me. I had put on all the weight I lost earlier in the year. And then some. To get to my heaviest weight ever.

So I achieved both my goals!! I’m really keen on getting a Bluetooth heart rate monitor since I achieved both goals. Then all my workout data will be on my phone which is becoming my calendar, diary, address book, personal assistant and who knows what else. My old HRM wasn’t working properly – probably because I was slack at washing the band after each workout or because some of the plastic got warped when I changed the battery (whoops!). This one, at least, has less components to stop working.

And, now, to my November goal. My chief goal is to cut down on dairy. My dairy consumption has gone up a lot in the past year and so has my weight. My Zumba instructor/personal trainer (who also has nutrition qualifications) said to me recently that she only puts dairy in people’s nutrition plans if they are trying to GAIN weight.

I’m not a believer in diets that cut out food groups. In fact, I’m not a believer in diets at all. I need this to be sustainable long term and cutting out all dairy, for me, is not sustainable. Also, eating good quality yoghurt regularly is good for my gut health. And that’s all I’m going to say about that ;-).

br />
My “last supper” of my favourite smoothie.

For the month of November, I am going to cut my dairy down to one serve of 0% Greek yoghurt per day. On Saturdays we have dessert (the only day of the week we have dessert) and if the dessert we are having contains dairy, I will skip my yoghurt so I can eat our once a week dessert with my family. I will also have two “get out of jail free” cards. These are to be used only on the following occasions:
1. I slip up by accidentally eating something without thinking (such as picking up a chocolate biscuit at church morning tea).
2. I’m a guest at someone’s house and the main meal includes dairy, in such a way as I can’t skip it/scrape it off. I’m a big girl, I can say no to dessert. I can’t bring myself to be rude and refuse the meal they cooked for me.
3. I may skip my daily yoghurt on the day that Mark and I have our once-a-month dinner date out, so that I can have dessert. That’s on a Friday night so if I do that I won’t skip my yoghurt on the day after to have a dairy dessert then too. So it keeps to the once a week principle.

In addition to that I want to keep up with the regular workouts. I’ve recently begun getting up a little earlier in the morning to go to the gym (and maybe sometimes go for a walk but so far I’ve been in the gym) and so I’d like to keep that up. I usually workout for about 45mins (I do need to get back home for Mark to get to work) but my workouts can vary from 30-60 mins. My goal for November is to clock up twenty 30-60min workouts in the thirty days of November. I’m hoping to get to the gym Mon to Fri mornings and do a gym-free workout on the weekends, with a rest day the other weekend day. However, I’m still really new at this early morning thing so I think twenty workouts is a good balance between having to work hard and still being an achievable goal.

As for rewards, I think this month I’ll reward myself by getting my nails done or having a facial before some Christmas parties I have on the first weekend of December. That’s if I achieve both. If I achieve just one… Maybe a book?

Also, I’m looking for a cheersquad. People who will cope with regular work out “check ins”, or deal with me posting fitness photos, quotes and links I find inspirational and be willing to cheer me on when times get tough. If you want to be a part of my cheersquad, and you’re on Facebook, send me a Facebook message. If you’re not on Facebook, or can’t message me on Facebook, leave a message here. Thanks!

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