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Exciting changes for the Parnell Homeschool

19 September, 2013

Recently, we were presented with a dilemma we needed to solve. A way for me to get regular, necessary “time out” without children after our previous arrangements had to change.

Enter lateral thinking, stage left.

Beginning in Term 4, we will be schooling Tuesday to Saturday. Sunday will still be our “resting day” with Church and the like. Monday (instead of Saturday) will be our catch up on housework and grocery shopping day. On Saturdays Mark will be doing the home educating with the kids. On Fridays we’ll have some time without the youngest two children to do some things that are difficult with two little ones to also watch – cooking or messy art activities or science experiments or even local excursions. Saturday mornings I’ll have some peace and quiet although occasionally we may take the opportunity to go on an excursion as a family.

I’m really looking forward to this change and hope that it will allow Mark to be more involved in the educating of our family and gives us other opportunities we haven’t had before. Bring on Term Four!

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