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Studies in Australian History – Week Four

11 August, 2013

The week began with the Endeavour leaving Botany Bay and eventually returning back to England. Our reading was enriched by taking a Virtual Tour of the Endeavor online. We may even make a trip into the city to hop on board.

This week we finished learning about James Cook’s voyage in which he discovered Australia, and then we learnt about botanist Joseph Banks. We didn’t have any excursions this week (although we did have a big outing to the city to celebrate an important birthday).

Actually, I was really slack this week and didn’t read them any extra picture books. I did read them excerpts from Curious Minds by Australian author Peter Macinnis, which is a book about the naturalists of Australia. I bought the electronic version of the book, designed for the iPad, which is fun to play with. So I guess that counts as an extra book/picture book. 🙂

Also, our art this week wasn’t at all related to our history studies (we painted pictures for someone we know who is unwell and we painted pictures of hens and roosters, which ties in with our study of flying creatures) so I don’t really have any pictures to share.

Here’s a picture of the birthday girl… And hopefully I’ll have more to share next week 🙂

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