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Style Cure – The Loungeroom

7 August, 2013

I’ve taken some more photos of our loungeroom, in a closer to normal state.

Firstly we have the book case. These are all Mark’s books, a lot of which he got from my parents’ place after my Dad died.

This is what it usually looks like, with the door open.

Then we have our piano, and the group of decorations on the wall. The piano displays the weeks lego models made for our weekly lego challenge.

Next is our large “magiker” ikea cupboard. On top is an aerobic step, a few things that have been confiscated, a crate with a set of chuggington track and a pile of games that, if they weren’t up there, they would get mixed up by Josiah. We get one down at a time.

This is the inside of the cupboard. Starting from the top shelf we have board games that don’t fit in the normal board games cupboard and some complicated puzzles. The middle shelf has puzzles with one random game shoved on it. The bottom shelf of the top doors has puzzles, board games and sheet music in it.
The bottom half of the cupboard has : top shelf – blankets and mats used for rest times or for curling up with. Middle shelf – a box of Chuggington track pieces and chuggers. Bottom shelf – is empty in the photo but that’s where the vacuum cleaner belongs when it gets put away.

Next is the big open doorway into the “library” and our rocking chair. It may migrate to the master bedroom after Ariadne is old enough to not sleep in our room. At present it does get used regularly.

Next is the main lounge, the dark feature wall and between the lounge and the window wall is a coffee table. It has cupboards which store things for weekly Bible study. Then there’s the window wall. You can also see that our lounge is regularly used – the kids were doing some special project school work when I took these photos.

On the walls are two framed pictures from Jeannie Baker’s book Mirror. They depict rural Morocco at night and Sydney at night.

20130807-112530.jpg This is the other side of the window wall. The gap between the windows and the entertainment unit is where the smaller coffee table (which is in the photo with the feature wall) usually lives. It gets wheeled out as needed and usually stores a crate of toys borrowed from the library for Josiah, usually related to what we’re working on with occupational therapy.

This is our big dark entertainment unit. I don’t like how huge and dark it is but, as you will see, it stores a lot for us.

I recently decluttered the top of the entertainment unit but stuff does get dumped up here.

This is the main entrance into the loungeroom and our pile of clean washing waiting to be folded, on the single lounge. Yes, there is usually a pile of washing on this lounge, with the height varying depending on how long it has been since we folded it.

This is the cupboards on the left side of the entertainment unit. Board games in the top cupboard, board games the kids can access without having to first ask in the bottom cupboard.

The right hand side. More board games up the top and wii accessories down the bottom.

The shelf above the tv. The DVD player, the wii u and some random DVDs dumped there.

Top drawer. Designed for CDs that we no longer use for CDs so extra DVDs are here as well as tv cables, remotes, wii games etc.

Bottom drawer. Wii games on the left, the rest are DVDs with some logic to how they are sorted.

So that’s our lounge room.

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