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Style cure – which room should I choose part two

6 August, 2013

The second option is our “library”. You may remember, from my style quiz, that it is probably my favourite room. And yet… It looks like this (well not quite this bad) more often than I’d like.

The door here goes into our dining room. Behind me is the lounge room, through a big open doorway, about three times the size of a normal door.

There are seven book cases in this room. We use every single one of them. They store our reading books, our colouring books, our home education books, our stationery… Everything. .

The desk is new and I love it. It rolls down and locks – even locking the drawers – which keeps prying fingers out. We also have another wall of windows.

The whiteboard has finally been wall mounted and is family organisation central. The lounge is used for school and for curling up to read a book…

I love all the storage baskets we bought from Al before she moved to the other side of the world. They are prettier than anything I could have bought new.


This room is never going to be a “beautiful” room. There is too much stuff that needs to be in here and too much stuff we need to keep to make it a magazine-worthy room. But it always looks messy, even when it is tidy.

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