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Style Cure – which room should I choose? Part 1

6 August, 2013

I can’t decide which room to “cure” this month. I’m going to post really bad before photos – with the current awful mess. It doesn’t usually look this bad but here is option one – the lounge room – in all it’s cluttered “glory”.


This wall I almost-really like. The pictures above the piano. I used to have a collage frame with silly photos of our family, but I moved it elsewhere so I could have the orange things in the lounge room. That “Lizzie” lizard was the Sydney 2000 Paralympics mascot. Mark spent a lot of time making this cross stitch for me and I am happy to have it framed. But I don’t know where the best place for it is. I think maybe I liked our collage frame better… But the lounge room is the only place we have orange.

This is what the floor currently looks like. The door is usually open so most of the time the overstacked white book case is hidden.


We have this great big entertainment unit. It stores most of our vast collection of board games and our DVDs, the Wii-U and associated paraphernalia. It was given to us. I don’t like a massive piece of furniture dedicated to holding a TV, but it does store a lot. I don’t like how dark it is but Mark doesn’t want me to paint it…

This is the full wall of window and the dark, textured feature wall. I hate it. Whoever invented textured paint never had children. You can’t really see in the photo but children’s drawings don’t really clean off textured paint. I hate how dark it is. I really want to repaint this room (the whole thing is textured paint) but its not the only room that is annoying me. That is to come, in part two…

I will try, later today, to post photos of the room as it normally looks, when all the furniture is in the right place and the room is tidy.

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