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June Summary and July Goals

9 July, 2013

June was a bit of a write-off. There were periods of insomnia+unsettled baby at night (six nights in a row at one point) when I was too tired to safely drive, let alone smash out a session at the gym. My mother in law was unwell, meaning she couldn’t babysit on Fridays for my gym session then. I had a recurrence of a chronic health condition, the worst flare up I’ve ever had. In the tiredness, I got slack with my eating… And we all know what that means – less exercise + more calories = weight gain.

So July is an attempt to get back on track. The first week of July I managed three classes in three days… Then had a stressful situation that left me pretty shaken up, and unable to drive. So back to it again this week. I’m hoping for four days this week – Monday gym session, Tuesday class or gym session, Wednesday one or two classes, Thursday class. Then I’ll take a “long weekend” to recover and then hopefully increase again for week three.

As far as nutrition goes, I want to work on my snacks this week (trying to stick to either a fruit and milk smoothie OR yoghurt and fruit for snacks, maybe with a few nuts) and next week I’ll work on breakfasts.

With reading goals… I have a pile of magazines to catch up on, so I’d like to get them read this month. An easy, achievable goal…

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