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Josiah Update

11 June, 2013

I don’t know how long it’s been since I posted a general family update. Probably too long.

Josiah is three and a half now, actually only four months away from being four. While he continues to learn new words and new skills, he is definitely lagging behind his same aged peers.


He is, as you can see, finally working out what “colouring in” means.

He doesn’t have the gene mutation that would cause him to have Dravet’s Syndrome, so we are kind of back to square one, knowing that he has epilepsy or a “seizure disorder” and global developmental delay, without really knowing why or what the long term prognosis is.

We are currently considering putting him in an early intervention preschool where he can access more 1:1 activities, more people keeping an eye on him and his progress and he can interact with same aged peers – some of whom will also have disabilities and some of whom won’t. We are on the waiting list and will see how we feel about it all in the meantime.

He still loves trains and diggers, although he is enjoying Chuggington a little less, and getting into Dinosaur Train, looking at books and colouring in. He also asks me to draw trains for him numerous times a day.

He can be a lot of fun but, like all three year olds, he can also get up to a lot of mischief….


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