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April Goal Summary and May Goals

1 May, 2013

My April Goals were:

April Book Goals

Finish Parenting From the Inside Out and read two chapters of The Hobbit.

April Fitness Goal

1000 mins exercise

April Diet and Nutrition Goal

I just want to keep eating cleanly, focusing on as little processing as possible.

April Weight Loss Goal

Lose 1.5 kg if possible.

I exercised for 1309 mins in April, but otherwise didn’t achieve my goals.  I’m not 100% certain about the weight loss goal since I haven’t actually weighed myself but I don’t think I’ve lost that weight.  But that’s ok.  Moving on to May!

May Book Goals

  • Finish reading Leviticus.
  • Finish the last few devotions in Made to Crave.
  • Read two books.

May Fitness Goals

  • 1200 mins exercise
  • 1000 body weight squats.  Weighted squats (ie squats where I’m holding extra weights) count for 2 squats.

May Diet/Nutrition/Weight Loss

  • I’ve slacked off a little of late, so I’d like to get back to simpler, cleaner eating.  Real food.  Minimal sugar.
  • I’d like to make sure I maintain my weight (ie don’t put any on) or lose up to 1.5kg.  I’m happy with either :-).





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