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19 April, 2013

Sometimes, on any long journey, it can be easy to get discouraged by the long journey ahead, and easy to forget how far you’ve come already.  I’ve gotten a bit worn down this week – neck pain (ten days and counting), unsettled nights and a few extra workouts – and suddenly, all the hard work required seems scary.  So, I’ve decided I will write down some of the things that have changed or improved, as a marker for the future but also to acknowledge that I *have* made lots of progress.

  • I’ve EASILY been achieving my mins of exercise goal the last few months, even without the “easy” exercise of walking with the kids each day
  • I have lost weight (although at this point I’m not sure how much)
  • I’m changing my body shape (and others are noticing!)
  • I’ve had to intentionally up the intensity of my Zumba workouts, because I’m getting fitter
  • I’ve tried – and come back to – a boxing and bootcamp style class called Tuff Stuff
  • I’ve started working out twice a week with weights (legs one day, chest-shoulders-triceps another day)
  • I can squat like a boss!
  • I’ve cut out most of the refined food and almost all of the refined sugar from my diet, and I’m not missing it!
  • I’m eating better than ever before
  • I’ve dropped two sizes on the bottom half
  • I’ve dropped one to two sizes on the top half (breastfeeding plays a part in not having lost as many sizes up top)
  • Although I don’t have the figures, I know I’ve increased my muscle mass and lost a lot of fat – something the scales don’t recognise
  • I’m finding that I can just have a taste of something (a bite of Nana’s Cherry Ripe Slice, one chip) and not feel deprived but also I stop at just that one taste, don’t over do it and have no need to feel guilty
  • I just don’t crave the junk I used to crave
  • I don’t even buy junk to have in the house 90% of the time, and a half eaten tub of ice cream (from family dessert) can sit untouched for weeks.
  • Hey, I even skip dessert or have some frozen berries instead and don’t feel deprived.
  • I don’t even like chocolate that much anymore.
  • I tend to crave exercise, water and sleep more than anything else!
  • I don’t have a guilt-based relationship with food.  I can have a treat, treat it as a treat, and not feel guilty or not turn it into a junk-binge.
  • I’ve basically “broken up” with my scales – they now live in the garage.  The scales weren’t telling me how much my body shape was changing, how much fat I was losing, what clothes size I was wearing…

No I’m not at my ideal size/weight.  Yet.  Yes, I have a long way to go.  But I’m making changes, making progress.  And I’m NOT GIVING UP!

I have goals.  I need to improve my core strength.  Increase the weights I’m lifting.  Add in one more day of weights per week (biceps and back).  And the day to day challenge of staying on track.

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