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March Goal Summary and April Goals

8 April, 2013

I wrote about my March Goals here.

My book goals were:

March Goals

Book goals:

  • I’d like to finish the books I am currently reading: Jeremiah, my Made to Crave Devotional, Quirkology, Foreign Correspondent by Geraldine Brooks.

  • I’d like to finish the chapter we’re readin and get three more chapters of The Hobbit read to the children – we’re going away during this month so I hope to take it on holidays with us.

I finished reading everything in my list (plus Stress and Your Child that I’d forgotten to add to the list) except for Made to Crave Devotional because it was a 60 Day Devotional that I’d started, not the 40 Days I thought it was, so it wasn’t a realistic expectation!  I also read The Midwife Trilogy – Call The Midwife, Shadows of the Workhouse and Farewell to the Docklands.  We read more chapters of The Hobbit.  I think we finished the chapter we were on and read two more but I can’t be certain!

I’ve read over 20 books so far (21 I think) with a pile more to read!

Fitness goals:

  • I’m going to up the ante here and aim for 800mins of exercise – a 200min increase on my February goal, instead of my planned 100mins.  March is longer, and I exercised over 800mins in February anyway so it should still be achievable.
  • I’m aiming for 45mins hooping this month and 30mins skipping (with a skipping rope).

In March I exercised for 1604 mins!!! Just over TWICE my goal!  I didn’t end up doing 45mins of hooping and 30mins of skipping though.  I spent a lot of time at my new gym.  I also held a plank for 2mins – I can do it for 2mins when I’m just starting my workout, or about 1min if I’ve been working out.

Diet and nutrition goals:

  • I’ve purchased an ebook called 42 Days to Fit.  I’m going to try to follow this, starting Monday 4th March.  It sets diet and nutrition goals for each week.  I will tell you in advance though that the first week’s goal is NO SUGAR.  I will be eating sugar.  Monday, 4th March is my birthday and I will be sharing some ice cream with Mark as my birthday dessert.  However, I’m planning to keep it clean and sugar free for the rest of the week.  Just letting you all know in advance!
  • Because 42 days is six weeks, the 42 day challenge will cross over into April.  I *may* take a week’s break from the challenge, due to aforementioned holiday, but I will still be exercising and still be trying to eat really well, I just won’t be progressing in the challenge that week.

Weight loss goal:

  • OK, I don’t usually put weight loss goals out there, but I’d like to do one this month.  I’d like to lose two kilos in March, which I feel is realistic given we have a holiday and my birthday in there!  My current weight ends with a 4 and if I get back to ending with a 2, I’ll have finally lost all my pregnancy weight from my last pregnancy!

I started following 42 Days to Fit.  I’ve pretty much given up sugar since the start of Feb, and really the nutrition goals were a bit basic (eat a decent breakfast for example) whereas the exercise challenges were a bit much.  Not my cup of tea.  But I am eating “clean” – a diet of lean protein, fresh fruit and vegetables, some low fat dairy and some grains, nuts and seeds.  Barely anything processed.  I’ve had a few exceptions (holiday dessert, birthday celebration) where I’ve eaten something with added sugar but on the whole I just don’t anymore.  I don’t even really enjoy it anymore.

As for weight loss, a few days after I wrote out my goal I realised I was getting too obsessive about weight loss, and so we (well Mark) hid the scales away for the month.  A few days before the end of the month (before we went away) I weighed in at a number ending with a 1.5 (therefore achieving my goal of having lost all the pregnancy weight) and by the time we got back from holiday (a few days after the end of the month) it was ending with a 0.5.

April Book Goals

I started reading Parenting From the Inside Out before we went away and I’d like to finish that before the end of the month, and read two more chapters of The Hobbit (Chapters 8 and 9) with the kids.

April Fitness Goal

I want to keep up my exercise, although I can’t guarantee 1600 mins again this month!  I’m aiming for 1000 for April and at least that for the rest of the months of the year.

April Diet and Nutrition Goal

I just want to keep eating cleanly, focusing on as little processing as possible.

April Weight Loss Goal

My focus is not going to be on weight loss – it’s possible that I won’t lose any weight since I’m lifting weights and doing body weight exercises so I’m building up muscle.  If I don’t lose this month it will be because I have gained muscle, not because I am slacking off with the exercise or eating lots of junk.  All that said, if I could lose one and a half kilos this month, it would get me down into the next “decade” and will mean I will have lost a total of ten kilos since Ariadne was born.  That would be awesome if I could get to that point by the end of the month!

So, a week into the month, here are my April goals!


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  1. 8 April, 2013 12:00 pm

    If anyone is wondering about “clean” eating, this website gives a good rundown about what real food is – these aren’t rules we strictly follow, and there are some thing that she allows that I don’t feel are a part of a clean diet (rather they are “cheat” or “treat” foods) but it’s a good summary:

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