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February Sum-Up and March Goals

27 February, 2013

Well it’s not quite the end of February yet but I thought I’d take up the opportunity, while I had the time, to post about my goals.

My February Goals were:

Book Goals

  • Reading three more chapters of The Hobbit to the kids – read alouds are a slow process here ;-)
  • Finish reading my Spanish book
  • Read one other book

Fitness Goals

  • 600 mins of exercise for the month (and a shorter month makes it 21m30s on average each day to reach the goal)
  • Spend at least 30mins of that 600mins hooping.

New – Diet and Nutrition Focus

In February I’m going to focus on what I drink, aiming to drink almost exclusively water.

How did I go?

Book goals:

  • We’re currently part-way through the third (rather long) chapter of The Hobbit for the month.  I’m fairly happy with that :-).
  • I’ve read through my Spanish book, although I haven’t understood/translated as much of it as I would have liked.
  • I’ve read four other books (plus started or read parts of others)!

Fitness goals:

  • With a day and a half left of February, I’ve exercised for 863.5mins – totally smashing my 600min goal!
  • I’ve hooped for 42 mins so far, and have seen a HUGE improvement in my hooping!

Diet and Nutrition Focus:

  • I’ve not been perfect but I really have succeeded in changing my drinking habits to be drinking almost solely water.

March Goals

Book goals:

  • I’d like to finish the books I am currently reading: Jeremiah, my Made to Crave Devotional, Quirkology, Foreign Correspondent by Geraldine Brooks.
  • I’d like to finish the chapter we’re readin and get three more chapters of The Hobbit read to the children – we’re going away during this month so I hope to take it on holidays with us.

Fitness goals:

  • I’m going to up the ante here and aim for 800mins of exercise – a 200min increase on my February goal, instead of my planned 100mins.  March is longer, and I exercised over 800mins in February anyway so it should still be achievable.
  • I’m aiming for 45mins hooping this month and 30mins skipping (with a skipping rope).

Diet and nutrition goals:

  • I’ve purchased an ebook called 42 Days to Fit.  I’m going to try to follow this, starting Monday 4th March.  It sets diet and nutrition goals for each week.  I will tell you in advance though that the first week’s goal is NO SUGAR.  I will be eating sugar.  Monday, 4th March is my birthday and I will be sharing some ice cream with Mark as my birthday dessert.  However, I’m planning to keep it clean and sugar free for the rest of the week.  Just letting you all know in advance!
  • Because 42 days is six weeks, the 42 day challenge will cross over into April.  I *may* take a week’s break from the challenge, due to aforementioned holiday, but I will still be exercising and still be trying to eat really well, I just won’t be progressing in the challenge that week.

Weight loss goal:

  • OK, I don’t usually put weight loss goals out there, but I’d like to do one this month.  I’d like to lose two kilos in March, which I feel is realistic given we have a holiday and my birthday in there!  My current weight ends with a 4 and if I get back to ending with a 2, I’ll have finally lost all my pregnancy weight from my last pregnancy!

So, there you have it!  My goals and plans for March 2013.  Here’s to it!

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  1. 1 March, 2013 8:34 am

    944.5mins at the end of the month!

  2. 2 March, 2013 7:28 pm

    I’ve finished Foreign Correspondence by Geraldine Brooks. 🙂

  3. 7 March, 2013 8:50 pm

    It wasn’t part of my gioal but I’ve read Caleb’s Crossing by Geraldine Brooks. I also forgot to write that I was part way through Stress and Your Child, so I want to finish that one too.

    Also, in one week of March I’m only a min and a half away from half-way to my month’s exercise minutes goal!


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