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Book Goals for 2013 Update

27 February, 2013

While I’ve updated on my month to month goals I thought I should update on my book goals for the year.  The original goals were:

Twenty books in total.

  • Two books about the Bible/God
  • A book about marriage
  • A book about parenting
  • A book about home education
  • A book about healthy living
  • A fiction book
  • A Spanish book (ie a learning Spanish book, although reading a book written in Spanish would be good also)
  • A devotions book
  • A history book or biography
  • A book for PTC (Preliminary Theological Certificate through Moore College)
  • A read aloud with the kids (ie finish reading The Hobbit to them)

The rest… I’ll read what I want.

So far I have read:

  • One book about the Bible/God. (What is Reformed Theology)
  • A book about marriage.  (Safe Haven Marriage)
  • Almost finished a book about parenting. (Stress and Your Child)
  • A book about home education. (The Rights of the Reader)
  • A book about healthy living.  (Trim Healthy Mama)
  • A fiction book. (People of the Book, amongst others)
  • A Spanish book (A la rueda, rueda…)
  • A devotions book (Out of the Spin Cycle)
  • A biography (The Duggars, 20 and Counting)
  • Several chapters of The Hobbit

I’ve actually lost count of how many books I’ve read.  I think it’s twelve so far.  So, if twelve is accurate, I have one book about God/the Bible to read, a book for PTC and the remainder of The Hobbit, plus five other books to read.  By the time I finish the three I have on the go at the moment (not counting Jeremiah) I’ll only have two more books to read to reach my goal for the year!

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