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Plans for Term One, 2013

7 January, 2013


It was back to school for us today, so I thought it was time I posted our plans for first term.

Transition Period
For the next three weeks, we are having a transition period where our children will complete their set independent work each day, but our group work won’t start until public schools go back at the end of January.  This will allow us to ease back into home education, while allowing us to take an extra week’s holiday EVERY term, and still be considered to be teaching sufficient hours/days.

General Info

This will be the first time I am educating three children at school level, and at two very different levels (Early Stage One – aka Kindergarten, and Stage Two – aka years Three and Four).  It will also be our first time of home educating with five children in the house.  And Mark is teaching programming to Zoe and Reuben one evening a week each, the first time he’s been able to be involved on a week to week basis.


Zoe and Reuben will be working through XTB: The Book of Beginnings.  Rhiannon will be working, with me, through Beginning With God, Book One.  Together, we will be working through Table Talk: The Book of Beginnings, which links in with XTB.  We will also be learning some Bible verses with the help of The Character of God.


Zoe and Reuben will be working through Book One of Language Lessons from Australian History – not just in Term One, but throughout the year.  Reuben will be working through Targeting Handwriting Year Three completing Active English Year Two, and Zoe will be working though Phontastic Spelling Tactics and completing Active English Year Three. Language Lessons, Phontastic and Targeting Handwriting will take the year to complete, while Active English will probably take a term or two (they had already started them).

Rhiannon will be working on Reading Eggs, and later in the term we’ll start on Teach Your Child To Read in  One Hundred Easy Lessons.  She will later begin reading some basic readers.


Zoe will be working through books 4A and 4B of Math Mammoth.  One day a week she will complete some online activities recommended by the author of Math Mammoth.  Reuben will be completing Signpost Maths Year Three.  These will take the whole year to work through.

Rhiannon will be working through Level One of Math Mastermind (similar to this).  After that, I will print out some Math Mammoth booklets.

On Fridays we will play games that teach maths concepts or read maths read-alouds like Penrose the Mathematical Cat.


We study Science together as a family.  In Term One we will complete Exploring Creation with Astronomy and then begin on Science in the Ancient World, a pilot program put together by Dr Jay Wile. It will take us the rest of the year to complete Science in the Ancient World.

Mark will be teaching Zoe and Reuben computer programming one evening a week.

HSIE/SOSE/Social Science

We also study HSIE together as a family.  We are going to start The Mystery of History Book One: Creation to Resurrection, with the help of Historical Timeline Figures.  This will keep us busy for the year.


Zoe and Reuben will each have their own books to work on – Spanish for Little Girls and Spanish for Little Boys.


Zoe, Reuben and Rhiannon will also complete work from the Zoo Whiz and Study Ladder websites.

We will also have a family holiday to Dubbo in our week off during Term One.

A lot of this actually covers the whole year so I may not have a lot to say next term!

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  1. 4 June, 2013 2:38 pm

    I love perusing your web site. Regards!


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