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Book Goals for 2013

31 December, 2012

I’ve worked out that my book-reading year begins at Christmas. New books as gifts, holidays at home with plenty of leisure time to read… my book reading year starts on Christmas Day.

My goal for Christmas Day 2012 to Christmas Day 2013 is to read 20 books. Given that I’ve already read two (one quite short but it was a Christmas gift) and am a few chapters into the third, I hope it’s an achievable goal.

Within the twenty books, I’ve set guidelines for twelve of the books I want to read:

  • Two books about the Bible/God
  • A book about marriage
  • A book about parenting
  • A book about home education
  • A book about healthy living
  • A fiction book
  • A Spanish book (ie a learning Spanish book, although reading a book written in Spanish would be good also)
  • A devotions book
  • A history book or biography
  • A book for PTC (Preliminary Theological Certificate through Moore College)
  • A read aloud with the kids (ie finish reading The Hobbit to them)

The rest… I’ll read what I want.

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  1. 1 January, 2013 11:28 am

    Wow, I love the look of your book reading goals. I’m not quite as organised, although I’d like to be. When I get an itch to read a particular topic I tend to devour a few books on the subject which leaves me feeling a bit burned out. Yeah, I know – balance/moderation. ūüôā

    • 1 January, 2013 4:46 pm

      I read Lit! by Tony Reinke a little over twelve months ago and, amongst other things, it challenged me to be more intentional about my reading.

  2. Cathy permalink
    1 January, 2013 12:21 pm

    I love it too……….I have 6 books on the go ALWAYS, but I think this year I will make myself accountable to ummmmmmmmm my blog???? Hee hee…..great idea Liz!

  3. 4 January, 2013 9:10 pm

    So far I’ve read “The Idea Of Home” and “Nine Parts of Desire” by Geraldine Brooks (the latter about Muslim women) and tonight I’ve just finished reading “This Book Is Overdue” by Marilyn Johnson.

    • 9 January, 2013 11:45 am

      None of which cover any of my specific goals for the year!
      I am also currently reading:
      *Out of the Spin Cycle by Jen Hatmaker (which is a devotions book)
      *People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks (fiction)
      *Save Haven Marriage by Dr Arch Hart and… his daughter (marriage)
      *I started reading Grace for the Good Girl but IDK if it’s overly relevant or all that good, so I’ll see. (Christian Living)
      *Oh and from last year I’m part way through both Mathematics: Is God Silent and Beyond Numbers (both about maths from a Christian perspective). (home education)


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