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From the long forgotten archives… A history of Zoe

21 July, 2012

19.6.06 Zoe drew her first picture that looked like a face – and it’s Daddy!

29.6.06 Zoe is so clever. She is going to be a good reader. Despite the fact that she can’t actually read, she loves reading to Reuben the books she knows from memory, or she will make a story up.

I know she will be a good reader because already she:
*Understands that books and text are predictable – the book will always say the same thing
*Understands that many words in the English language have a similar meaning and that it is ok to replace a word you don’t know (or can’t remember) with a similar one.
*Understands that the words and the pictures work together – the pictures and text are related.

Here’s one example of how she demonstrated all three of these understandings…

This morning she was reading “That’s not my bear” to Reuben. The text is predictable and repetitive. She “read” the first few pages correctly then got to “That’s not my bear, it’s tongue is too scratchy”. She couldn’t remember the exact words and so she said “That’s not my bear, it’s tongue is too rough”.

Also, this morning she astonished me. I was looking at whereis to get some directions/a map for where we were going (since I don’t have a street directory ATM) and Zoe pointed to the picture and said “That’s grass where we can sit on”, pointing to a green patch (a park/reserve). “And there’s some roads”. I hadn’t even told her I was looking at a map or anything! Her knowledge astounds me sometimes!

4.7.06 The kids are SO into stickers ATM – I have some I use on my calendar to mark important dates etc and I’m slowly running out since the kids always want stickers, stickers and more stickers! So, if anyone wants to buy the kids anything, buy them stickers!

5.7.06 I asked Zoe if she would write something on our letter to one of our sponsor children and she wrote this (picture lost in cyberspace). She wrote the one on the left first – it’s an “e” and then she did the one on the right an “o”. ūüėÄ She even wrote them mostly on the lines. She’s coming along so quickly ATM. It’s amazing to watch all the concepts forming in her brain…

20.7.06 Reuben bought this book last week, but Zoe absolutely loves it – we got it last Friday and she can already recite almost the whole book, very occasionally needing some prompting. She picked up the book today, pointed to the title and said “That says ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’!”

And Reuben has picked up a new word from reading it – ‘bear’. Sometimes we do the abridged version with Reuben… “We’re going on a bear hunt. Uh-oh. Grass! Swishy swashy…” He turns the pages too quickly otherwise… And he loves making the “Hoo-woo” sound on the snowstorm page…

20.7.06 Zoe wrote a D for daddy, a backwards R, and lots of e’s and o’s on the window in window texta.

27.7.06 Zoe got some clothes-stickers as an early birthday present. Zoe drew this girl, with clothes.

There are skirts on her feet to keep her feet warm, she is holding flowers and had hair clips in her hair.

1.8.06 Zoe is often making up stories, so this morning I asked if she could tell me a story so I could write it down.

This is what she wrote:

It’s a chocolate book. One day there was some chocolate Mickey Mouses. One day when there were two Mickey Mouses they collected some flowers and that’s the end.

She drew a picture to go with it, which I will scan and post later.

1.8.06 Zoe sent me an email this morning:




/;pok.,kyjllkllllllll15.8.06 On Friday 4th August, Mark, Liz, Zoe, Reuben and Izac (Zoe’s friend) went to Sydney Aquarium on a very wet and cold day. Despite the weather we all had a great time, particularly the kids… Here’s a few pics…

Zoe said the starfish (or sea star as they are technically called) was “hard and rough” and it was “dark blue”.

Zoe and Izac in the oceanarium.

Reuben checking out a fish from up close

28.8.06 Mark starts his new job at PC Tools today. We’ve been telling the kids that Daddy has a new work and Zoe asked last night “Are you going to build it?”.

7.9.06 The kids both had routine health checks yesterday (Reuben an 18mo one a few weeks early and Zoe a 2.5-3.5yo one).

Zoe is now 100cm tall and weighs 15.5kg.
Reuben is 86cm tall and weighs 13.3kg.

In the old scale that is
Zoe, 40in (3ft 4in) and 34 lb 2 oz and
Reuben 34.5 in(2ft 10.5in) and 29 lb 4 oz.


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