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Funny things the kids said

19 July, 2012

While Mark was tidying up his web hosting account, he stumbled across the remains of a few old blogs we used to write.  One of them held a collection of funny things the kids (Zoe and Reuben at that stage) had said.  For posterity, I’m posting them here now:

5.7.06 Zoe says to me this morning “You’re at my house because you live here”.

15.9.06 Zoe just came and put a sticker on my hand and said “Thank you for doing all that good work”. 😀

11.10.06 Zoe is singing:
“Two little dickie birds sitting on a wall
One named Peter
None named Paul…

24.10.06 Reuben got dressed up today and Zoe said “It’s a ballet-Reuben” (so it sounded like ballerina).

28.6.07 The kids are in our “reading corner” at the moment, jumping around. They are making a cake in the cushions. Reuben is the oil, Zoe is the sugar, and they are jumping around in the cushions mixing the cake…

Their imagination amazes me sometimes…

21.8.07 “The Rules”

Zoe and Reuben got the Dora cards out. As Zoe dealt, she versed Reuben on the important rules of the game…

“You have to be careful with the cards”

“I’m dealing so you can go first”

“I don’t want to see your cards!”

21.8.07 Me: “Reuben, come to the toilet before we go (to the library)”
Reuben: “But I went last week!”

21.8.07 Zoe: “I’m evenly full now” after eating part of her dinner…

22.8.07 Zoe (to Reuben who is the “shopper – read shopkeeper – in their shop in the bath)
“one chocolate, 2 slices of swiss cheese and eight kilos”

28.8.07 Zoe asked if our yoghurt was “Berries and Boys” flavour – boysenberry

She was also calling spaghetti “ska-betti” yesterday.

She’s just come out with “I don’t got a belly-bottom” (I don’t got a belly button)

And now Reuben has “I-spy boots” and she’s also said to him “You have to play tennis in your tennis dress!”

29.8.07 Zoe (out of the blue, whilst eating yoghurt).

“I might like soup when I’m six” (extended pause) “or maybe sixty one”.

31.8.07 Zoe to Reuben and I:

“I’m the mum and I do everything. When Daddy’s not home, I’m the boss, alright kids?”

4.9.07 Zoe to Reuben…

“Little Miss Hubbard lived in her cupboard”

“Little Miss Hubbard put on her shoes”

“Little Miss… No!”

“Little Miss Hubbard ate chicken pie poos!”

Apparently the kids thought this was hilarious.

26.9.07The words of the song are supposed to be:
“Stop.. and go with mercy
And give them a second chance”

Zoe was singing it on Monday:
“Stop… and go with Percy
and give up your second chair”

6.11.07 Reuben: “Mummy, can you please cut my big toe?”

He had some toe NAIL hanging off he wanted me to cut…


The other day Reuben asked for “over-jamas” – he wanted pjs that went over his head rather than button up pjs…

19.2.08 Reuben’s inherited his Dad’s sense of humour (oh rescue me now!)

The Scene: The kids are playing in the bath…

Reuben: The monster’s going to get our cake!
Zoe: No, it’s in the oven.
Reuben: The monster’s in the oven? (in this really cheeky tone of voice)

19.2.08 This is actually one of my friend’s kids who said this to her yesterday (18.2.08)…

After dinner he said “Mum, this is the best meal I’ve had in years”. He is all of 6 (well not even quite 6!)

19.2.08 Zoe to Mark: “I want to be tall”
Mark: “Okay”
Zoe: “I want to be tall and live in a house and have 170 children.”

22.2.08 Zoe (when praying, had just finished a long list of thank yous…): “And, best of all, thank you for making us a family”.


25.2.08 Zoe to Reuben while playing:
“You ate too much food so your brain doesn’t work”
and later
“Lie down so I can see your tummy. I can see the problem, it’s too skinny. Stay still and I’ll scrape some skin off it”

21.4.08 Me: “We need to do some cleaning up and some playing, which would you like to do first?”
Zoe: “Both”
Me: “You can’t do both at the same time.”
Zoe: (thinks) “We’ll do the playing and you can do the cleaning”

Reuben sits down to read a new book:
Zoe: “we don’t know the words reuben”
Reuben: “That’s ok, I’m just going to read the words in my head”

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