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More past adventures

18 July, 2012

The kids and I had a great outing on Friday. Check back to this post because I will be adding photos…

First, we went orange picking in Castleragh at Penrith Valley Oranges. TBH the oranges cost more than I would currently have to pay in the shops, but what you eat while you are picking is free and they are the freshest possible – you pick them yourself. The kids had a great time and since you get the oranges with it, it’s a pretty cheap outing.

Then I thought we’d drive in search of some roadside stalls… I didn’t find any although we stopped in Bilpin so the kids could play and I bought some very fresh Pink Lady apples – $3.99 for the bag and I think there was close to 2kg of apples in it!

Then we headed up to Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens. We paid $2.80 to do a treasure hunt – follow a map and instructions, answer 12 questions along the way about different things – in our case “webs and wings” (things that make webs or have wings) – and get a small prize at the end. The lady even let the kids have one prize each, even though I only paid for one “hunt”. The kids had a great time!

Then we drove further up the mountains and cut across to Mt Victoria, then back down to Katoomba. Having promised the kids we’d go to another park, we found a park but being Katoomba in the SHADE in the late afternoon it was FREEZING! We then met some friends (who live in Lithgow) for afternoon tea in a cafe.

After that we headed home, via a friend’s house as she had a bag of lemons for us. So we came home with a bag of oranges, a bag of apples and a bag of lemons!

What a day!


29.10.07 The kids and I walked into KMart today to grab a few things, and walked right into the beginning of a Hi-5 store appearance to celebrate 20 years of the KMart Wishing Tree. The kids got to see Nathan, Kellie, Charli and… whoever Kathleen’s replacement is talk and sing an impromptu song. They also got to share in the enormous cake! What a nice surprise.

For a little while I wondered whether we’d come at the best possible time or the worst possible time… In the end I decided it was the best. The kids (Zoe in particular) loved seeing Hi-5, we only had to wait one minute from us arriving to Hi-5 coming out and the checkouts were pretty empty when we did get to the checkout to purchase our things – everyone had started to line up for autographs…

So, the kids were happy with a nice surprise today…



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