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An adventure… June 2006

17 July, 2012

Today Zoe, Reuben and I went on an adventure. I packed a little bag for us each with food, necessary clothes (ie nappies etc), something to do, food and drink. We took a trip to beautiful Katoomba.
We went to pick up something from a lady from freecycle, then we went to the op shop and picked up some kids books for 20c each. Zoe picked some red flippers and we found a really old Wiggles video for $3.

We drove to the Three Sisters which is unrecognisable from what it used to be only a few years ago. We then went for a “bushwalk” to Cyclorama Point.

We visited the chocolate factory, watched them make some chocolate and tasted some free samples.

We drove to Faulconbridge to pick up some other freecycle stuff… Then we drove to Granny’s and went to the new park around the corner. Afterwards, we went outside and discovered that our shallot cuttings we had planted had grown and the English Spinach seeds we had planted had also grown enough to pick. YAY! Zoe’s pink flowers haven’t started growing yet though :(.

We will eat some of the spinach and shallots tonight.

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