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Sensory Diet: Mobilo

13 July, 2012

While we often think about the large muscle groups being stimulated with heavy work, heavy work can also be done by the smaller muscle groups, such as fingers.  While fingers alone can’t lift “heavy” things during heavy work the deep muscle fibres are stimulated, which is more relaxing for the sensory system.

Something our Occupational Therapist recommended for fine motor strengthening and deep muscle stimulation (as well as cognitive development) was Mobilo.  Our OT lent us some but we were fortunate enough to borrow a big crate of it from our local council’s toy library service.  Because Josiah has a disability, we are eligible for their special needs toy library service which means a 1:1 appointment each time with their toy library co-ordinator, access to extra toys that aren’t available to the general public and the ability to ask for specific toys to be reserved for us.  The service is invaluable for us and has enabled us to provide Josiah with some amazing toys that have helped him so much without having to pay for them.

But back to Mobilo.  Do you remember Mobilo?  I do.  The day care centre I went to from almost-three until I started school had it, and we used to build all sorts of things with it.  While some of the parts can be fiddly, the bigger pieces can be connected easily (although it requires some fine motor strength, rather than dexerity).  In the above picture, Josiah and I have built a vehicle which he has decided is a “digger”.

Josiah had a great time with the Mobilo.  He did more pulling apart than putting together, but it’s still requiring finger strength.  He also used his blossoming imagination a lot by naming the vehicles and playing with them.

If you can borrow some Mobilo (it’s expensive to buy), do it.  It’s great fun!

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