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Escape Plan Challenge 19: Future Forecast

10 July, 2012

Mission #19 is to spend ten mins visualising life in ten years time, having accomplished a big dream.

Recently I spent some time, as an exercise in a book I was reading, picturing life in five years time, as I would like it to be. Personally, I find this more helpful.  Life in ten years time (meaning the difference between now, having a toddler and a baby, and having children who are ten years to adult…) is so vastly different that I just can’t fathom what is realistic to expect.  Five years helps me set attainable goals to work towards.

The year is 2017, and I am 36 years old.

We are still living here. Our house is tidy, but lived in.

I am doing housework and talking to children. I am healthy and fit, and at a lower weight than currently. I am peaceful and happy.

I have just started, or am about to start, studying. I have no more “little” children – my youngest is almost five.

I have Mark and my five children and my friends…

We home school. The older children are fairly independent with their studies and the younger children are quickly done their work.

I spend my leisure time reading and studying, with a little craft and cooking thrown in for good measure. I exercise regularly, doing things I enjoy.

Our children are peaceful and content. They are not perfect but we have realistic expectations and have learnt to live peacefully together.

Mark and I are still very much in love and have a great relationship.

We have a good balance of down time, outings and social activities. We are not rushed, tending towards quiet rather than busy, but our lives are full.


Yes I know I’m doing these challenges out of order.  I’m trying to keep some momentum happening by progressing with the tasks (in whatever order) rather than stagnating and just abandoning the project all together.

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