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Sensory Diet: Sand Play

6 July, 2012

Sand is such a versitile medium for sensory play.  You can have it wet or dry.  Deep or shallow.  Pour it, dig in it, sprinkle it, mould it… and any number of other delicious sensory experiences (although I don’t advise eating it).

We don’t have a sandpit.  Once upon a time in the far off days of living in a 2 bedroom unit with two young children, we had a sandpit.  Except one kept throwing sand at her little brother.  One too many times.  So we no longer have a sandpit.

Instead, Josiah gets opportunity for sand play at a mobile play group we go to.

The sand tub they have is quite shallow but sufficient for digging and exploring.  The novelty of only having it through play group makes it consistently interesting. It also means that Mummy doesn’t get covered in sand or have to clean up any of that awful stuff (no sensory issues here 😛 ick.  I hate sand).

Of course, in the picture, he is playing with his second favourite thing at the moment- a digger (his favourite being trains).  But the diggers are just a bonus.  He’d go and play in that awful stuff even without the diggers.

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